Timo C Engel aka BLEEDINGBLACKWOOD is an artist, singer, songwriter and instrumentalist from Berlin, Germany. His music does what it needs to do -leaves you mesmerized.

Artem is a multi-talented and much-awarded amateur classical pianist and composer from Moscow, Russia. His performances are always deeply encapsulating, very nuanced. What else would you expect from classical masterpieces? Join him and others at this very special concert he is giving in Tallinn, and see yourself.

HARD TON - electronic hi-energy disco and house influenced italo-sound-purveyors. Their third trip to Tallinn is fortunately because of Tallinn Bearty, but for the fun of anyone wishing to be taken by experience in its own league.

Sin is the driving force behind his own success. A songwriter, producer, remixer and an international DJ that has spun in well-known venues in major cities - from New York City to Rio de Janeiro, from Tokyo to Rome and Vienna. Now, Tallinn, too!

Mike Flanagan and Marco Perfetti are two friends, joined by talent and music, coming to Tallinn Bearty 2020 Music from New York City. Both are singers, songwriters and performers. Read more about them at their page here.

Heroic stories of passion & acceptance.

LGBTQ people often find ourselves equal parts credited and accused of igniting social change – from civil rights to gentrification, it is easy to project polemic onto such a diverse group – a group who still rankle and illuminate the darkened corners of love.

Kimmo Karjunen is a  lighting designer, Master of Theater Arts and Lecturer in Lighting Design. In his work, light is part of the joint collateral art. The starting point for planning is the space and substance of the work.

Toni's works have been exhibited in Palma, Campos, Madrid, Valencia, Auckland and Christchurch, in solo and group exhibitions and art festivals, as well as featured in some national magazines in Spain and New Zealand. Now he’s going to present a site-specific installation in Tallinn, the first time showing his artwork in the city.

Slava is a true Siberian - quiet, dedicated, strong and kind. What he does is truly amazing, the details in his work are delicate, vision is beautiful. You will definitely like his novelty figures of bears (the gay kind of men we are).

Miguel is a multitalented chef within the culinary world - a graduate of Cordon Blue London, winner of War Of The Dishes, Portugal, successful chef and caterer, finally a food stylist.

Isago (or short just Isa) is a young, vibrant designer and artist from London. Originally from Tokyo, he has anchored his creations solid in the video game industry. Now, coming to Tallinn with #gaybourhooduniverse!

Patrick F Rogers is a full-time Animator and Artist who lives in County Limerick, Ireland. His work has taken him to Miami, Cannes, Los Angeles and various other places in the world.

Young, ambitious, dedicated, influential and fun. Stefan has carved his way to the top of fashion historians, released a book, curated number of exhibitions and beyond all that is taking a keen interest in the history of the bear community and the ways it moves.

Jussi is a founding member and a DJ of Bear With Us Helsinki, a social group of bears from Finland, Helsinki. Playing at BXPRSS, he brings his happy stompy lively vibe for you to enjoy, too.

The godfather returns! Oh yes - Martin, that big brute and gentle giant is making his way back to the best fest of #bearculture. Read his BIO now.

Regular guest appearances in local and international bear events is the result of his well earned reputation - Perfecto is back after a rollercoaster year that took him to Reykjavik, Stockholm, Brussels, Kiev, Sitges and Madrid, all that since his visit to Tallinn April 2017. We are happily guilty!

He is a seasoned cameraman, almost 20 yrs of experience has taken him to a wide variety of places, events, and situations. 

Rick is a man of many talents. If it wasn't for him we wouldn't have 1/3 of the dynamic trio that we all have become to know because of mystery bear-murder comedy Where The Bears Are

He has won awards for his works, the actors playing in his films have got much praise - to us he is simply the man who made Cachorro, the iconic film that brought in front of wide audiences a heartfelt humane story of love, compassion and made bear community visible to big masses of cinemagoers.

He´s been called a gentleman, a tastemaker, fully charged, and always ahead of his game. These days officially a Billboard chart-topping remixer, two of his works have been nominated for the list of all times TOP 100 greatest electronic tracks of Finland.

Alex started playing as a DJ in the clubs already since he was 16yrs old, and legally he would not have been even allowed to enter, yet alone work there. These days he has worldwide regular listeners to his podcast a sixfold number. Which events has he played? Read on...

Fagadelic. Fagadelic? Fagadelic! Yeap, that is what you will see as Santiyago will bring his works to Tallinn Bearty 2018.

He´s performed at some of Icelands best known events including Airwaves and Secret Solstice as well as abroad. His new album Svartir sandar (Black sands) is an ode celebrating childhood memories, a little thank you note.

Hifi Sean is a highly respected DJ and producer, having held residencies at Fire, Ministry of Sound, Shoreditch House and Savage Disco, as well as playing regular international shows in Europe and the USA

Matt's music has been featured on ABC Family's series "The Fosters" and "Bones" and he appears on two Grammy Award-winning classical albums recorded at George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch with the acapella men's ensemble Chanticleer.

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