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Alex Ganz aka LXG comes from Cologne, Germany. 

He is one helluva DJ and promoter. Already at age 16 he was playing in a club, at age which means even entering the venue would have been illegal in Germany.


Alex is a long time pro and enthusiast of soulful house music, as he says "music has to have harmonies and melodies". His own podcast series Forever Summer is a splendid example of what he does best - more than 25 000 followers worldwide from 80 countries mean that every episode he mixes reaches more people, some famous names included: Michele Chiavarini, Cafe 432, Lisa Shaw, Jamie Lewis and Lifford. Considering he has put together already 25 episodes his mixes have been heard few hundred thousand times, easily.


His most remarkable sets in front of the audiences have been several legendary Cock-Pit and Green Komm events, as well as Under Paris, Madrid Pride, Berlin Easter Bear Dance and Bear Pride Brussels.






LXG Souncloud page  




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