April 25, 2020

In the quarantine and isolation of my farmhouse in Northern Serbia, I glance bluntly at a sticker I posted on a wardrobe in my room. On a bear pride flag it reads the following: Tallinn Bearty April 16-19. I was heartbroken for not being able to attend it this year, as...

February 27, 2019

Медведи вышли из подполья в основную культуру, прямо и косвенно влияя как на квир-культуру, так и на мир натуралов.

Помимо эпохи гладких метросексуалов, гибрид (мускулистого) медведя и дровосека является доминирующим мужским обликом в последнее десятилетие. Кроме того,...

February 18, 2019

Bears have progressed from their subcultural, underground sphere to the mainstream culture, directly and indirectly influencing both queer and heteronormative spaces.

Besides the era of sleek metrosexuals, a hybrid of a (muscular) bear and a lumberjack is the dominant m...

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