January 15, 2020

Where to travel in 2020? Obviously options are many, yet, not one but two respected online publications independently have chosen Tallinn Bearty as one among the top recommendations.

Take a look at those articles and read yourself. Because we are nearing our festival...

October 29, 2019

Your favourite little festival of #bearculture is back again!

April 16-19, 2020 with our second music edition we will bring all that we are praised for back to town - bears, fun, talks, concerts, charity, food, pool party, sights, clubbing and more.

Program announced an...

June 28, 2018

Stonewall Inn, June 28th, 1969 - the date that marks the beginning of the modern gay liberation movement, today a global phenomenon because half a century later equal rights are still the issue we have to fight about.

Watch this short clip, share with friends who need a...

May 22, 2018


Exactly 1 month has passed and it is just perfect time we give you retrospect to those awesome events, moments to relive. Keep rocking!

#tallinnbearty #bearculture #bearsintown #morebears #morefun #gaybears #kino #bearsincinematography #wet100 #bxprss #talking...

December 20, 2017

Even if we deduct the season this TED Talk by Shane Koyczan, that has been doing rounds since 2013, speaks volumes. Very healing to dig into once again and we are truly pleased to share ito today.

Sidenote: we are posting this with Russian subtitles (audio still orig...

October 25, 2017

The Three Bears has been kids favorite fairytale probably all over the world. Same applies to bears of our kind who just love to exploit the allegories.

Now we can enjoy perhaps one of the best (LGBT supporting) social advertising campaigns, ever - The Three Bears by R...

October 13, 2017

See what happens when this brave (and handsome) young bloke, who runs his own video blog* to fight homophobia in Russia, has conducted a small social experiment. Video by Deutsche Welle.

Based on personal experiences and encounters in St.Petersburg we can vouch tha...

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