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Patrick F Rogers is full time Animator and Artist who lives in County Limerick, Ireland. His work has taken him to Miami, Cannes, Los Angeles and various other places in the world.

"I never expected to have my work watched by other people outside of Ireland. It's been a fantastic journey so far."

Studying Creative Multimedia Programming in Limerick Technical Institute, Patrick hopes to create more animation work when he graduates from his present course. His current work deals with human anatomy and space which it occupies.

''My paintings are an investigation of the memory of space and human emotive curiosity.They explore the physical form by both layering and overlapping physiological circumference and contrasting it with the surface of some randomly selected landscapes. Landscapes of the mind, and sometimes the void of empty space surrounding them, echoing the discordance of physicality.'


Thematically, the paintings are an inquiry of the figurative human form and the environmental habitat of the landscape in which they occupy.


Through the language of gestural line drawing and the use of saturated bold tones; a soliloquy of playful colour and line emerges.


As a result of this process, the figures appear vibrant and almost puzzling in their dissonance of association within the space in which they reside.

“My work is an investigation of the human figure, captured in a moment frozen in time. I distorted the ink painting with layers of lines and tones, I altered the figure from its original starting point, elongated limbs, added movement through animation of the arms and legs. Gave the figure life, a moving painting. I constructed a new being through the remnants of a cut up credit card, ink dashed across the surface. Each stroke, the circumference of the skin and flesh. ‘I created my own being, in my world, I give it meaning to life.’”  






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