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PAUL BEAUDOIN is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary artist living in Tallinn, Estonia.

Paul was born in Miami, Florida (USA) and spent many years in Boston, Massachusetts, where he earned two advanced degrees in music theory and composition. 


During that academic career, Paul had the opportunity to work with many of the most important musical artists of the late 20th century.  He spent decades as a professor of music and art at various higher-education institutions, but his passion for making visual art was dormant.


In the early 80s, Paul shares: “I was at a school in upstate New York where I had been pursuing training as a performance artist. At one of my shows, a critic came up to me and announced that I was NOT a painter. Shocked, I asked why. She said because my “paint stroke went in every direction, it was best I give up painting.” 


That criticism shut Paul’s visual art down for decades.  "My passion for painting returned in 2015 after I arrived in Tallinn, Estonia.”

Paul is interested in exploring two aesthetic ideas in his visual work. One is the idea of a color field – large areas of what seems to be a single colour floating, colliding, and merging with others. Under, over, and in-between those colour fields are lines that dart under, above, and between those layers.  Paul’s large canvases are always a vehicle for communication and aesthetic experience.


Very often, Paul combines various genres to intensify the experience allowing the viewer a kind of immersive experience.  In his video work, the sound is an equal element to the visual image.


In recent years, much of Paul’s work has been large format installations that include video, sound, texts, and painting.   Generally, each exhibition has a theme that Paul explores from various points of view. Paul has explained that while much about art is intellectual, we cannot forget that art is essentially a “sensual experience relying on a kind of private communication between the artist and the individual viewer.


"Art allows for an intimacy that is not often available in public spaces. As an artist, I can communicate directly, often without words, directly to my viewer.” It is there, in that intimate space, that Paul hopes the viewer enters with not only their vast and personal experience but also an open mind to view a new experience with a fresh perspective.



Solo Exhibition, Staapli 3 Galleri, Apr-May, Tallinn, Estonia

How is Modern Modern? Rapla County Contemporary Art Center, Rapla, EE

fu:bar, Zagreb, Croatia

Videosound Archive, New York, NY (USA)

Glitch Art Brazil 2021 (BR)

Mentorship with Ty Nathan Clark

CU46, Barcelona, Spain

Spring Awakening Show, London Paint Club, London, UK

Another Space, Mantis Studio, London, UK

Wall Exhibition, Whitby, UK

Calm, The New Art Rebellion, London UK

Ama Astratto, Cool Art Movement, Rome, Italy

Kanuti Gildi Saal, Made in Estonia Festival, Tallinn, Estonia

Pixelache Festival, Helsinki, Finland

Glitch Art International, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Intuitive, The New Art Rebellion, London, UK

CD RELEASE:  from this darkness the sun shall rise

Disappearing Words (commission for Ilmar Labaan 100), Tartu, EE

At the Border of Poetry and Music – Sonic Analysis of Ceil Inamputable

Chapter 4.000 – The Blind Crow Dreams (video art) – Glitch Art Brazil

Three Adventures for Perilous Times, Made in Estonia Performance Art Festival

The Space Between (Video essay for Black Mountain College ReViewing Festival)

Rhetoric as Heuristic in Beethoven’s 1808 Work – EUROMAC – Moscow, RU


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