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Christian Trippe



Christian (born 1980, Vienna) is a German photographer and designer, based in London. His work has been shown internationally and won multiple awards, most recently Portrait of Britain 2023.

Says Christian about himself: "I am really passionate about taking pictures and I guess it’s no surprise that photography has been part of my life in one way or the other for more than 16 years. My background in Graphic Design led me to work as Art Director, Design Director and Photographer for many clients. Over the years I have founded several publications and platforms which are worth mentioning. "

Two Hearts – Portraits of Queer Perspectives

Two Hearts – Portraits of Queer Perspectives is an evocative exhibition that invites viewers into the intimate gaze of queer individuals through the power of portraiture. The exhibition delves into the dynamic interplay of identities within the queer community. From bold and defiant expressions to vulnerable and introspective gazes, the portraits provide a glimpse into the multifaceted experiences of the LGBTQ+ community.

One part of the exhibition will feature a new curation of the HOMOgenous series, focusing on the subculture of gay bears. This new iteration will feature never-before-seen portraits. In contrast to the rugged masculinity of the bear community, the second part of the exhibition extends the scope to encompass the broader queer community with theatrical expressions full of attitude.

The exhibition he created especially for Tallinn Bearty's Edition X is not only celebrates the visibility of queer identities but also confronts viewers with the complexities of gender, sexuality and self-expression. By directly confronting the viewer, the subjects assert their presence and demand recognition, fostering a dialogue about inclusivity, acceptance and the ongoing struggle for equality.

  1. Real Mighty Queer Detroit, Metro Museum of Design Detroit, June 2022

  2. Physical Distancing, Group show, Elektrowerkz, London September 2021 

  3. Members Show, Part III, Studio 1.1 Gallery, London, August 2021

  4. British Photography Awards 2021, Shortlist & Online Exhibition, UK 2021 

  5. HOMOgeneous, Solo show, New Art Projects, London, UK, October 2019

  6. Canvas & Canere, live art & music event (Art Basel), Miami, USA, December 2017 

  7. Art & Culture Festival, Tom of Finland Foundation, LA, USA, September 2017 

  8. Cave Homo, with Opening Ceremony, LA, USA, July 2017

  9. Cave Homo, zine launch and gallery show, New York City, USA, June 2017

  10.  Two Hearts - Portraits of Queer Perspectives, Tallinn Bearty Edition X festival, Tallinn, Estonia April-May 2024

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