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Visual Arts

Ciro Marra is a post-pop figuration, neo-expressionist painter, living and working in Barcelona.

Born in Velletri (Rome, Italy), he moved to Spain in 2014, in Valencia, where he developed new artistic languages thanks to the mixture of the Spanish and Italian culture.

More creative than artist (widely used word), Ciro Marra loves to express himself through different techniques, jumping from acrylic colors to oil, to ball-point pens, to pencils, approaching to the sculpture, using wood and clay.

After concluding his studies in Rome, at the School of Art, he started working at Vatican, realizing sacred icons with gold. A deep experience that helped him to become aware of his abilities.

Ciro Marra exposed at Ferrara Biennial in 2013, together with other talented artists.

In 2014 his first exposition in London, at the Newport Street Gallery, was his first contact with the international public, a big success, because all the paintings were sold.

Barcelona hosted Ciro Marra’s artwork, at Liceu Theater and at Royal Artist Circle.

Recently he collaborated with the Photographic Competition of Ciudad Real (Spain), where his paintings has been used as an inspiration for the participants.

Actually his works are exposed in Venice, inside the Modigliani Opera Vision, at Palazzo della Pietà.

Talking about himself, Ciro Marra says:
“Painting, drawing and sculpture are my feelings.
Behind every line there’s my life, behind every sacrifice: color!
I love painting in the “dark” so I can see colors better and my silence becomes an instinct.
“Just soul” is my philosophy!”

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