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Holger is one of the rare kind - a connoisseur DJ and collector of vinyls, part of the Funk Bear Brothers duo, active in Hamburg, Germany.

Drop Out (Holger Neuwerck) is a vinyl collector (especially 45s) that has all kinds of music from as early as the 1970s. He constitutes one-half of DJ Duo FUNK BEAR BROTHERS with SVOLANSKI. He is very actively crafting his mixtapes and radio shows, all of which are available to caress your ears via Mixcloud. He s djing @Mojo Club Cafe & Boat Trips @Hedi “Welcome On Soul Board”.

He says it all started in 1970 when his auntie bought him first records he still holds dear - Tears of A Clown by Smokie Robinson, and Band of Gold by Freda Payne, plus a few others.

We are truly happy to introduce Drop Out (Holger) as a virtual guest of Tallinn Bearty 2023 Music. Enjoy and leave him kind feedback at his channels directly or with us.

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