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Richie 4Fingers



Richie 4Fingers aka Peter - DJ with extensive bag of experience, who has honey dripping soul and funky stompers well mixed on his decks

Richie 4Fingers has been shaking booties on dance floors mainly in Belgium, but also Netherlands, Germany, UK and USA, since the early 90’s.

Rumours go that he’s a brother from the same mother related to the Discobar Galaxie gang, and in a distant past even played in a band with the infamous DJ Bobby Ewing (Belpop Bonanza / Shameboy).

What can you expect from a Richie 4Fingers set?
The main characteristic is “feel good”. There’s always a sense of positivity running throughout his choice of uplifting and soulful house. His main goal is to make you spend the night dancing with a big smile on your face. Although playing predominantly jazzy, funky, soulful and tech house, Richie 4Fingers occasionally suffers from sudden attacks of complete insanity in the middle of a set, which usually results in the most bizarre mix of styles, ranging from 70’s gay disco to the roughest toughest rock or pumping drum ’n bass.

In daily life, he’s a motion graphic designer, working mainly for broadcast television. This love for visual art also led him to be the resident lighting and visuals designer for 13 years at the infamous COCKPIT parties in Cologne, Germany, organised by the late Dj Darko Strabic.

By appearance, Richie 4Fingers is easiest described as a “truck driver with fashion sense”, or as he puts it himself : “trendy trailerpark trash”.

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