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Tatu V



Tatu Vuolteenaho was born in 1968 in Ylivieska, Finland. In the 80's he was inspired by the new romantics and synth-pop.

Tatu V is the mother of Drag Attack and has played house and techno in clubs and bars from Helsinki to Sao Paulo. He has played at London Fashion Week, Burning Man Festival in U.S.A., Fetish and Codigo G in Valencia, Ibiza Pride Pool Party at Bora Bora, La Messa in Milan and at MTV party in Frankfurt. In Madrid he has played at My Pleasure at Fabrik, Que Trabaje Rita, Minitel and El 12.

Tatu V started as a "club kid gogo dancer" in Disco 2000 in New York in 1990. He took up DJing while studying art and media in University of Lapland. In addition to mixing hot rhythms Tatu likes to experiment with his looks and has been photographed for magazines like Interview (New York), ID (London), and Vision (China). FInnish YLE showcased a documentary about him and his artistic motivation.

Tatu comes to Tallinn Bearty 2024 Edition X not just as a reknowned DJ but also as a visual artist bringing with him an exhibition of his fabrics created in tight collaboration with another artist and friend of his Jani Maunula, along withdrawings inspired by Drag Attack! - do not miss that.

He has played at Bears On Board and Otso in Helsinki and recidency at El 12 (previously known as Enfrente), popular bear bar in Madrid. Tatu has been in Tallinn Bearty's BEARANOID! already in 2016, but April 20th 2024 we will witness Drag Attack massive takeover of BEARANOID!

Tatu has been photographed for The Interview magazine (by Steven Meisel), ID, The Face and Vision (China). "Housewife From Mars", documentary about Tatu was on Finnish TV in 2014. "We Are Here We Are Queer" video by Andres Senra featured Tatu at Madrid World Pride in 2017.

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