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SantiYago Delgado is an upcoming artist from Finland. Born 1995 in Helsinki he grew up journeying through Finland. When he was just a young boy he found his passion in sculpting, was instantly addicted to art and continued to this day with this passion.


As he got older his passion evolved into something much bigger and now he is determined to learn all that this field has to offer. Being ambitious he will not stop at until he’s achieved the best.


After the military he headed to north to study art in a small village called Liminka. There he studied two years in the school of art, learning first of painting, drawing and performance. He also created his own style he calls "fagadelic art" that is combination of abstract and homoerotic art.


With this knowledge he continued to Kankaanpää where he now lives and studies art in Kankaanpään School of Arts. SantiYago plans to graduate from Kankaanpää in four years and leave Finland to explore the world. He is also working hard to build his event decoration venture called SaintDeco.


The idea of SaintDeco is to bring his vivid imagination to life in festivals and events throughout the world. His greatest success is one of the country's biggest festivals called Kosmos Festival in Ristiina, Finland. He worked and built decorations for four years in a row.


He has also collaborated on a number of underground events in Finland, performing a unique bubble show as well as playing electronic music. His music passion is mostly techno and old school drum'n'bass. At the moment he’s focusing on digital art to showcase a collection named Rainbow Revolution that will debut in Tallin Bearty's Bearanoid! party in April 2018.







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