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Bearculture stands for inclusiveness.

Bistro Boy (aka Frosti Johnsson) of Möller Records is performing first time with his live gig in Tallinn. We spoke to Frosti and tried to find out what keeps him busy, and what he will do to keep you busy during his set. Bistro Boy can be enjoyed at BEARANOID! Live.


TB: What do you expect of TB? What can bears coming to TB expect you bringing here?

I´m very excited to join TB. I´ve been to Tallinn once before and I´m looking forward returning to be part of an event I´ve only heard goods about, to perform, mingle and make new friends. When performing live I try to bring some extra energy with my stuff and mix prevously released material with something new and unexpected, also throw in some house and techno elements into my set and get people (hopefully) to dance a bit, too. So I´m hoping to get the crowd moving and have some fun myself while doing it.

TB: Bearculture, what does it mean to you?

For me bear culture stands for inclusiveness where everybody can be comfortable in their own skin and create social bonding with like-minded guys from all over the world. And be around hot men of course.

TB: As an artist you released a beautiful Svartir Sandar (Black Sands) album in 2016. What are you working on right now, what can we see in 2017?

I´m always working on some music, some of which may end on an album or not, trying out new things and just experimenting with sound. It's a bit like trial and error. I just keep on working, come up with ideas and try to push them forward into something more. Sometimes i´m happy with the outcome but to be honest most of the time its just a dead end. So I just keep on doing stuff until I have a track I´m happy with and hopefully we´ll see a few of those in 2017.


Tallinn Bearty (TB) has set its course on bringing fresh breeze every time we organize or promote something. Every year sees us put focus on one top arts category: visual arts, music or cinematography. Our aim is to power bear brotherhood in a way that will advance equal rights for everyone, in or out of our own community.

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