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Supporter event: Bears Go East

What is the best way to support emerging bear communities in Russia, the Ukraine and the Baltic countries? Join this public Tallinn Bearty 2017 supporter event to find out.

Time: Saturday, April 22nd, 3-4 PM

Location: OMA Keskus / LGBT Association - Kaarli ave 5-1, Tallinn


Organized by the Nordic Bear Cooperation Group, representatives from the Baltic countries, Russia and Ukraine will discuss how everyday situation for bears and other LGBT people is in their countries.

Later, Norwegian Bear Club will talk about their landmark trip to St. Petersburg, October 2016, to visit SPBears for their 3rd year anniversary. Questions and discussion afterwards.

Nordic Bear Cooperation Group consists of representatives from the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries, Russia and the Ukraine. We meet once a year during Tallinn Bearty in Tallinn, Estonia to exchange our experiences and inform about our activities, challenges and future plans. Main purpose of Nordic Bear Cooperation Group is to strengthen ties between bear organizations and individuals. We hope this supportive action helps advancing of bear culture and will encourage individuals to power organizations in their respective countries.

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