Tallinn Bearty talks to Gerald McCullouch

If you follow our news you must have noticed we met just recently with Gerald McCullouch, director and lead actor of Daddy and producer and director of feature documentary All Male, All Nude. Gerald was honorable red carpet guest at the first LGBT film festival in Estonia, the Festheart.

Saturday, October 7th 2017. Weather in a smalltown of Rakvere, Estonia is exactly as expected in October- skies are covered with clouds that deliver spectacle of monochrome drama, while spots of blue sky and surroundings offer all imaginable colors as nature prepares to hibernate graciously. Adding to the vivid palette of colors is respectable bunch of visitors and participants of Festheart film festival, location Rakvere Teatrikino. Gerald comes with hosts of the festival and smiles like we just had not seen each other for long time but been friends for ages. And that certainly makes me feel much more at ease when talking to the celebrity of TV's CSI, as well as Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place, Gerald is more familiar to bears by his ro