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Tallinn Bearty loves International Volunteer Day, December 5

Most of us have no need to think how vast majority of events around the globe happen, run, and become successful.

Many have been volunteers themselves. If you have then you know how rewarding it is. There is undeniable truth in saying that giving itself is the most rewarding feeling a person can experience.

Tallinn Bearty is happening 4th time in April 2018. Just like none of the previous events, same next year, we cannot be successful without our helpers, supporters and simply advocates - all of you who have done so much for our cause because you care.

We want to express our deepest, most humble gratitude for loving us, being with us, and making sure in your own ways, by your own initiative, that every time we come together we all would have lots of joy, purpose and feeling of pride for who we are and what we stand for.

Biggest cuddles to you all! Keep supporting us, share word and see you in April in Tallinn.

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