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FAQ - How to buy the tickets

FAQ: Which alternatives are there to buy the tickets to your events?

Our response:

Some of you have asked us about obtaining the tickets. Particularly, is there any other way to buy those but VALDO App which requires a Facebook personal profile for registration (because tickets are personal).

  1. First, the most comfortable deal we recommend you is becoming a Superbear - simply purchase the package and get all tickets, your personal unique Tallinn Bearty backpack, while also donating to support LGBT equal rights development with our help.

  2. Direct links to event's ticket pages on your browser. See event information (our website or FB event page) for links or simply click them open here:

  3. Direct EU bank transfer to Tallinn Bearty's account (IBAN EE927700771002306138, beneficiary MTÜ Karuelu). Make sure you will add your full name and contact, event(s) and the number of tickets you are paying for. In this latter case we ask you to double-check that your information and the transfer would turn out correctly.

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