3 Strangely Normal Things About Tallinn Bearty (and why they are not normal)

Bear culture is rapidly evolving. We all know by now that there are so many bear events all over the world it is impossible to attend all of them. If you take a look at year’s calendar there’s literally every weekend something somewhere, in many cases even several bear-runs in one weekend.

While this indicates merely amount of happenings, objectively, we often know too little about the quality of it unless being told or better yet, been experiencing it. Normal Thing #1

It’s Quality That Matters

5 years of feedback from bears visiting Tallinn Bearty have taught us one thing: never discount on quality.

Why it is not normal? Because this is what remains when you get home - you can gradually forget the names, the times, the place, but the feeling you will never forget. In Tallinn Bearty’s case, for first-timers it is the comfort and confidence of a warm, inclusive, family-feeling and friendly event, gained over discouraging uncertainty of a potential dr*nk/dr*g/f*ck-fest (something that gets unfortunately, and unfairly we think, emphasized about most of the well established dance weekenders). Similarily, for seasoned event visitors, it is the get-together excitement of real friendships with good people who they know for years and years and are kind to each other. Couple of hundred men is a good bunch that all manage to have personal contacts with each other during the 90-or-so hours of the festival.

*great food is crucial for bears - we can be at ease when we know it is prepared under supervision of a Michelin-grade chef at One Sixty Smokery, Tallinn

Normal Thing #2

Variety Is Valued