Poland: LGBT+ battlefield, sane vs insane

Recent events and not so recent developments in Poland have sparked a full blown witch hunt and madness of insane hatred towards LGBT+ community in Poland.

Please read The Guardian's article The struggle for LGBT equality: Pride meets prejudice in Poland

Rammstein as a strong ally to the LGBT+ community raised rainbow flag during their concert in Warsaw, following the events in Bialystok.

Also, in support to LGBT+ community in Poland we will publish the text sent to us by our friends from Bears of Poland, Bartek Tusiewski and Andrzej Linowski ---

“I haven’t seen such an aggression towards LGBT people yet” stated Julia Maciocha, the chairwoman of the Equality Parade, which on July 20, 2019 for the first time came through the city of Bialystok in the north-east Poland. “They throw at us pieces of pizza, they beat us with rosaries, they emptied trash bins on us! They were drunk and stoned and they protect themselves against police squads with their kids in babies carriages. They came to kill us! If only they had a plan of action, we would not come back to Warsaw. Anyway, the police had to assist us on the train back”.

Bialystok Equality March participants reported that they felt like Jews under Nazi occupation in Poland. They were humiliated, cursed and beaten the same way, however comparison of their fate to annihilation of 3 million Polish Jews during Second World War by Nazis cannot be accepted.

Still, it is unbelievable that 80 years after WWII the same social mechanism are still in use. The same populism causes fascism to be born again. Its origins are not only in politics, but also in social institution claiming mercy – the Catholic Church in Poland.

For propaganda purposes attack against LGBT community has been turned into attack against “LGBT ideology”. It has been executed in unison by politicians of the ruling party together with bishops and priests of the Catholic Church, which dominates in Poland. In social media carrying o