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A Big GAY Hairy Hit! - Exclusive screening

Where The Bears Are - who wouldn't remember this phenomenal Youtube series, an accidental hit that sweeped around the World and was made solely on crowd-funding from the community it was largely depicting. Now you have the chance to see in length how it all became a reality.

Everyone is free to join this jolly screening. However, should you wish to support us with this wonderful event you can purchase a ticket and set your own price to it, too.

The Story of Bears, making

This hilarious and touching documentary tells the story of how three older, gay, "bears" working in Hollywood, tired of having their gay-themed ideas rejected by the mainstream, decided to self-produce their own web series. Against all odds, the comedy featuring three bear roommates like "The Golden Girls" solving crimes ala "Murder, She Wrote," became a sensation online and one of the most successful web shows of all time. The documentary examines ageism, body-shaming, sex-positivity, the creative process and how friendship and community can ultimately create something beloved all over the world.

Written & Directed by Eduardo Aquino, he is a Brazilian filmmaker from São Paulo. Eduardo started expressing his creativity through editing films and television shows in 2008. Since then his work has been featured on platforms such as Netflix, HBO, NatGeo, Indiewire, Globo, and movie theaters all over the world. A BIG GAY HAIRY HIT! WHERE THE BEARS ARE, THE DOCUMENTARY is his debut as a director.

A Big Gay Hairy Hit! website 

Where The Bears Are website 


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