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Are you unsure how to fly to Tallinn Bearty?

So, you still haven't decided what airport you should use.

Here, let us list Europe's direct airports with Tallinn. One of those is definitely in your reach. We are eagerly waiting for you to join the celebrations with us. The ones in bold have daily at least one flight. So, check your favorite app, website or travel agent and see you in Tallinn Oh, and starting April 1st our homey airport introduces brand new security scanners which means liquids can stay in your carry on bags, cool, right?

  1. Helsinki

  2. Stockholm

  3. Riga

  4. Istanbul

  5. Warsaw

  6. Frankfurt

  7. Oslo

  8. Amsterdam

  9. Vilnius

  10. Tampere

  11. Munich

  12. Copenhagen

  13. Zurich

  14. Paris

  15. London

  16. Berlin

  17. Milan

  18. Brussels

  19. Malaga

  20. Athens

  21. Barcelona

  22. Venice

  23. Dublin

  24. Paphos

  25. Vienna

  26. Las Palmas

  27. Kutaisi

  28. Malta

  29. Nice

  30. Split

  31. Salzburg

  32. Dubrovnik

  33. Heraklion

  34. Billund

  35. Rome

  36. Geneva

...and few more

Bon voyage! Or as we say in Estonia, Head reisi!


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