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Artists of TB23 Music - Mike MRF and Perfect Mark (US)

Just a couple of months and Tallinn Bearty 2023 Music edition is off to some super cool bear time! So, we have to keep presenting you with our guest artists of 2023. Meet Mike and Marco, aka Mike MRF and Perfect Mark, from Provincetown and New York, respectively.

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TB: How did you two meet and what made you click?

We met in Boston at a mutual friend’s show where we were both part of the band, Mike was playing saxophone and Marco was singing background vocals. We clicked right away actually because of Italy! Mike has Italian heritage, speaks Italian, and loves Italian culture so we started speaking Italian together and we immediately felt a connection. After that, we started playing shows together and we realized we love a lot of the same music. We definitely have a very special chemistry together.

TB: What does music mean for you?

Music is absolutely everything to us. It might sound cliche but it’s the truth. We’ve been studying, performing, recording, and trying to be masters of our respective instruments since we were very young. Our whole life is dedicated to music, climbing in our music careers to spread our sound as far as possible and perform as much as possible! In the words of P!nk (another artist we both love) "doing something else was never a thought or an option."

TB: When did you hear about Tallinn first in your life and what you thought of it then vs what do you think of it coming to perform at Tallinn Bearty

Marco: The only thing I knew about Tallinn was that it’s the capital of Estonia because I studied it in school! I have to say though, that I always had a fascination for the Baltic states, and I’ve always wanted to go visit. My favorite thing is definitely to be able to travel and bring my music to other countries so the possibility of visiting such an interesting place and playing a show there it’s absolutely perfect. I’ve been looking up photos and videos and it looks beautiful, so much history and art, I can’t wait to explore it.

Mike: I am slightly embarrassed to say I had almost no knowledge of Tallinn but I am absolutely honored to be attending as a guest artist and I'm truly excited to experience it. I have been researching since the opportunity came about and I can't wait to experience the culture and the event. Coming there to perform is a dream come true because touring with my music is my number one priority and goal in life.


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