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In The News: Tallinn Bearty 2021 Kino is virtual only

The Corona-pandemic continues. Who knows how long we all would have to live with this madness around us (talking of Covid19) but one thing is clear - we all want to be well, safe, and wish the same to everyone around us.

Last year we had to postpone the events of Tallinn Bearty 2020 Music with the hope the virus gets taken under control swiftly. Well, globally, that did not happen.

The situation here in Tallinn is even worse today than a year ago. Back then we had statewide lockdown with infection rates 5 times lower than today. Right now we are unfortunately one of the highest inflicted countries in the EU (the 2-week infection rate above 1300 per 100k).

Nevertheless, we would hate to waste another opportunity of doing something meaningful. That said we thought “what can be done?”.

So, here it goes. We will do at least some virtual reach-out.

  1. TB21 KINO VIEWING PARTY - watch any movie that has #bearculture in it, no matter which way you define it yourself. Send us your critique's notes, how and what did you watch, your point of view and the best-written page (max A4 length) get published in our news/blog here, plus awarded full access Super BEAR free pass to the events of next physically happening Tallinn Bearty festival.

  2. TB21 KINO TALKING BEARS - a conversation with this year’s program guests, details announced duly.

  3. TB21 KINO MUSICAL EPILOGUE - let's do some homefront booty shake! Dancing to the music in the safe privacy of your home, as we blast some selected bangers mixed your way.

We want to see and feel you all over the world, but until we can actually meet, let's do it at least virtually. Please stay safe, take care of yourself and your close ones, one day we will hug again.

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Mar 11, 2021

More info as it comes soon

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