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Politicians vs people: read ILGA-Europe Annual Report 2022

How come power-figures are deaf-and-blind to the changes in society?

This is the single dominant question when we read not only the new annual report by ILGA-Europe but compare that to results of research and opinion polls for example by Human Rights Center in Estonia.

Overall, impression is still that hate-speech is prevailing. Needs to be added, because carriers of such rhetoric are less-intelligent and thus tend to be louder. Reality, despite, looks somewhat different and leaning towards growing positive attitudes towards LGBT community. It has been reported already last year in Estonia that 64% of people support cohabitation law (that famously has been used as a common moniker for same sex partnership) and almost half of people (47%) approve even same-sex marriages, should this be something legalized in Estonia.

Download either, read in detail, make your conclusions and spread the word. #loveislove #lovewins #wearerainbow


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