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Pool party sales is up tomorrow!

Hey hey hey all ya bear-hearted fluffy and snuggly man-creatures, outside or inside or both 🐻🐻🐻

This is your very last call - few tickets available for our fastest selling, limited attendance wet wet wet pool party 😎🤩

Few reflections from WET 100 pool parties.of earlier years.

You have the ticket? Splendid, then you need not to worry. We can't wait to see you and have a sweet welcome for you. 🐻😘

You don't have your ticket yet? Well, you know what to do - click on previous highlighted section, or head over to the WET 100 event page below and place your order NOW.

Important notice: all Superbear X package holders have quaranteed access to all events, even after single ticket sales has stopped.


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