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SUCCESS! Tallinn Bearty 2022 Visual Arts in words and pictures of those who came

Tallinn Bearty 2022 Visual Arts ended week ago. As organisers we took some time to collect our emotions and now it is time to share the love in retrospect.

While out own thoughts are still too scattered and need time to chisel into words, we thought it is best to share those beautiful words our visitors had shared about the festival of 2022. Enjoy, share, add your own comments and send us feedback in any kind or form. We all grew stronger again, because we all felt we mean something to the world. LOVE! PEACE!

Last day in Tallinn... Brunch with the bears. Emotionally overwhelmed from the amazing weekend, which took more than one surprising twist into the unexpected. Thanks Alvar and Dimitry for making the magic happen again. [Klaus-Peter]

intro of Talking Bears Seminar - affected by the war in Ukraine and the covid pandemic, and that it has been three years since the last time, we meet our friends, although many unfortunately cannot come. We donate money to our brothers in Ukraine here today. [Jan-Ketil]

Time to return home to Edinburgh from Tallinn Bearty after an incredible trip with Klaus-Peter, Marco, Basti and Chris. Definitely will be back to the beautiful city of Tallinn. Has been a trip of food, festivities, fun, important reflection and tears. Many thanks to Alvar and Dimitry for your hard work in pulling this all together. I am already looking forward to my return. Vidar - I definitely had more than one drink to you x [James]
Tallinn Bearty exceeded my expectations. Alvar, Dimitry, Maarja... thank you so much for an unforgettable time in Tallinn. My exhibition @ Fotografiska Tallinn looks AMAZING. I look forward to seeing you all again. thank you for a fantastic Tallinn Bearty - Visual Arts edition! It was so great to be with all of you. Maybe next time will be in Madrid. [Tiberiu]


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