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SuperBear X pass - delicious!

This your ultimate support to Tallinn Bearty.

It is always our all-in-one deal, inclusive of not just every event in the program, but also our endless gratitude, a gift or few, and in-person meetups with respective year's official program artists.

The SuperBear package raises the owner automatically to the status of co-producer of the festival. Let's celebrate TB24X with a worthy and valuable group of people, you being one of them!

SuperBears are Tallinn Bearty's loyal friends and honoured co-producers. This package includes everything we can offer and then some. April 18-21, 2024 all paid events included, meeting tet-a-tet with any and all out program artists, our eternal gratitude and a brand new wearable, that will keep your head up in pride as you are the best friend we can have.


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