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Tallinn Bearty 2024 Edition X exclusive: Two Hearts – Portraits of Queer Perspectives

Christian Trippe is a professional photographer from London. From his most recent accolade of winning a coveted Portrait of Britain 2023 (among many others before) he lands with his next project in Tallinn, Estonia - exclusive to Tallinn Bearty 2024 Edition X, the festival of LGBTQ bearculture.

Christian has done many wonderful shows all around the world. The more excited and proud we are to welcome him in Tallinn, with his own special selection of portraits from wide spectrum of queer culture, including new, previously unseen, and old works from his HOMOgenous show. All the works of Tallinn exclusive show are available to obtain, 160€ each. Ask us for further details at

Two Hearts – Portraits of Queer Perspectives is an evocative exhibition that invites viewers into the intimate gaze of queer individuals through the power of portraiture. The exhibition delves into the dynamic interplay of identities within the queer community. From bold and defiant expressions to vulnerable and introspective gazes, the portraits provide a glimpse into the multifaceted experiences of the LGBTQ+ community.
One part of the exhibition will feature a new curation of the HOMOgenous series, focusing on the subculture of gay bears. This new iteration will feature never-before-seen portraits. In contrast to the rugged masculinity of the bear community, the second part of the exhibition extends the scope to encompass the broader queer community with theatrical expressions full of attitude. 
The exhibition not only celebrates the visibility of queer identities but also confronts viewers with the complexities of gender, sexuality and self-expression. By directly confronting the viewer, the subjects assert their presence and demand recognition, fostering a dialogue about inclusivity, acceptance and the ongoing struggle for equality.

Christian's deep, sensitive and respectful eye has won him several photography awards through years. Most recently Portrait of Britain 2023, seen here.

Naturally for Tallinn Bearty's official artists, he will be also present and talking about his works, life and other free flowing subjects at Talking Bears, moderated conversations with our festival's artists. We suggest you come as well, as these talks are always though-provoking, funny, elaborate and leave you with nice rounded feeling of something to carry with you proudly.


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