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Tallinn Bearty goes Youtube - our first published, the feedback of visitors to TB24X

Tallinn Bearty can be called in many ways. One is what we, the team, want you to feel and take along. The other, what our visitors really remember year after year. Luckily these two outlooks are matching pretty well. We gather it means we are doing some things right.

Today we are launching Tallinn Bearty's official YouTube channel with a retrospective longer edit of interviews collected by our trusty helpers Paul Beaudoin and Dmitri Rappu. Because these two have stocked some impressive video footage not only from 2024, but also 2023 festival, we will be adding gradually more and more videos for the public eye to behold - most importantly to support our mission, which is eliminating stereotypes and standing for equal rights.

Have a chill time watching, share and comment, and make sure you won't miss our next year's festival, just like our presence and doings in the meantime, online or offline.



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