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Tallinn Bearty - in the list of strong recommendations, again

Isn't it sweet when you get a praise simply for doing something so right? Tallinn Bearty is, again, included in yet another quite extensive list of much worthy bear-events of the world.

This time our gratitude goes to Louis, main man and a blogger of the WOLFYY, a blog to all gay atravellers of the world. published its fresh list of recommendations in 44 Bear Weeks Around the World - definitely take a peek, read and make your plans for Tallinn Bearty 2023 Music (Thu 20th to Sun 23rd April 2023) already now. Official promo and sales starts latest in December 2022. First artists have already been set and announced, check out Perfect Mark and Bleedingblackwood.

wolfyy provides personally vetted LGBT travel information about hotels, attractions, experiences, safety & nightlife for destinations around the world.

Tallinn Bearty is one of the best small bearruns, an annual festival of #bearculture, taking place mid-April in Tallinn Estonia, and catering to bearfolk, its friends and all allies of LGBTQ family.


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