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Tallinn Bearty's Edition X - Amazing Moments, Sweet Memories.

Last weekend (April 18-21, 2024) in Tallinn was epic - despite little disagreement with weatherman - everyone who came to Tallinn made it possible to enjoy quite a heartwarming and emotionally positive, high energy celebration.

Opening reception of Two Hearts, photo exhibition by Christian Trippe - this show is open to public until June 2nd 2024

Here are some highlights in pictures, from our photographer Dmitri Rappu

Poolparty WET 100 @Nordic Hotel Forum Spa and after @HELLo Bar

Clubbing: BXPRSS @X-Baar

European Premiere of A Big Gay Hairy Hit! and Talking Bears @Kinomaja

Clubbing: Drag Attack Madrid takeover of Tallinn Bearty's Bearanoid! @Kinomaja

Farewell Brunch @One Sixty BBQ and Smokery


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