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Tallinn Bearty - What is Edition X

Tallinn Bearty had its first weekender in April 17-19, 2015. Now that we are nearing the event horizon on our 10th year of existance it is only natural we do something different yet familiar, crazy enough to remember us by.

Hands up who recalls our first event? Ok, yeah, ahah, more hands raising...

There will be loads more talk about how it all began. One thing is sure, we want to honor everyone who was there with us then.

*Design of Tallinn Bearty website 2015.

Although our inaugural event was just a baby with bear no teeth nor claws, like every baby, we knew how to be aww-cute, we suppose. Already from second year on, we turned our weekender into a festival of #bearculture. That's right, dig how much you want Tallinn Bearty gave the world not just the hashtag that everybear on any hashtaggable platform uses by now but we did it with substance, making sure it is not just a meme or bygone in few years.

2024 Edition X

As much as X denominates 10th in Roman numerals, X is a cross and so shall it be - TB24X or Tallinn Bearty 2024 Edition X will be a jolly ride and crossing of all of our target categories of art - visual arts, music and cinematography. Usually we keep one theme category for each consecutive year, rotating, but this time we bring them all to you at once.

It would have been unfair and so hard to limit ourselves for your enjoyment so the easiest most natural thing was to incorporate all three top art's categories and celebrate #bearculture the best way we can - you can expect good old familiar bonding from pool party to farewell brunch, clubbing in between, and then some cool arts, music and cinematography related events and showcases on every day of the festival.

Venues are in scouting (yeah, we might feature some new locations in town), official artists are in selection, and the whole PR is hopefully successful enough that we gonna have the best festival that celebrates #bearculture, yet again.

Keep your radars buzzing, plan your travels early and subscribe to our news not to miss the date when we open sales of Superbear packages and the rest.


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