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Stefan talks in Tallinn about bears and fashion, who and how have penetrated that flamboyant world of glamour - it will be funky breeze of fresh air, we are certain of that.


Hailing from lands of Serbia, Stefan is priding himself for his Balkan fur and internationally recognized artistic activity. Art historian and fashion curator by vocation, Stefan was educated in Serbia, The USA, and Estonia under prestigious governmental scholarships and awards.


During his studies in Minnesota, he was one of founders and coordinators of Center for international LGBT youth at his University, which aims to help foreign students unable to express themselves in their home countries to overcome fear of expression in a liberal environment. Drop In


While studying semiotics in Estonia, he researched on history of bear dress codes as integral part of bear culture's visual identity and presented his research at a Queer studies conference in Bucharest.


At Tallinn Bearty, he will, as only one nerd and an otter can, pay his respect to all the bears by giving a lecture Between Art, Fashion And (sub)Culture: Visual Identity of Bears.


The lecture will explore historical aspects which led to the formation of bear culture and its visual codes on the example of art and fashion. 







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