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Tonik Ensemble is the musical output of Icelander Anton Kaldal Ágústsson.


Exploring the vast expanse of the electronic spectrum the soundscape is a mix of electronics and the more organic live instruments. It is a strong signature sound of contrasts: rich and stripped bare, minimalist but intricate, finely crafted and yet very instinctive.Together with an ever-evolving cast of talented collaborators, the output is a deep, atmospheric yet soulful pseudo-techno.


As a composer, Agustsson discovered early that color has a strong influence on the end result. The gap between sound and sight fades away when songwriting resembles more the process of painting on canvas.


Eight track album Snapshots was released early 2015 on Atomnation label, met with critical acclaim  earning Album of the year 2015 titles from The Reykjavik Grapevine, Straumur, album of the year award for Kraumur Music Fund and Albums of the year title in the local paper Morgunblaðið.

“Ghostly vocal drones, crackling backbeats, live sax, and moments of minimalism—on paper any description of his recent album Snapshots feels a bit like an exercise in music elitism. But it comes together in an incredibly emotionally satisfying, awe-inspiring blend.” – Under The Radar

“‘Snapshots’ is so blazingly ambitious and carefully thought-out that one can’t help but feel in awe of Tonik’s craft. It is a techno album that goes far beyond techno, featuring some pristine vocal performances and meticulously arranged and sequenced “real songs.” Every detail has been considered to the point where there’s not an ounce of excess to be found. ‘Snapshots’ is digital and analogue, uplifting and gloomy, a humanist soul shining through it all.” – Straumur


“Like a surreal cousin of Kiasmos, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and SOHN, Tonik Ensemble wreak havoc upon your emotions and kinetic stability. It may be desolate and adept at afflicting wounds on the psyche, but that doesn’t mean you can’t boogie yourselves into oblivion.”The Line of Best Fit

Straumur Album of the year 2015

Grapevine Album of the year 2015

Kraumur Albums of the year 2015

Morgunblaðið Albums of the year 2015




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