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Isago (or short just Isa) is a hugely experienced Concept Artist and Game Illustrator with a large number of years working within the Japanese video game industry and in the London video games industry since relocating in 2010.


His expertise is in Concept Design and User Experience and his career have seen him work on marque games and brands including Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga (Nintendo) and Heavenstrike Rivals (Square Enix).


Besides the games, his concept design covers queer comic and illustration, product design, branding and variety of visual artworks.


#gaybourhooduniverse, the community where you belong to, care, share, live together.

#gaybourhooduniverse is the portrait project born in Instagram capturing inspiring real people of a community in London. The exhibition of the first set of 90 bearded gay men had a big success, and the project keeps going on.





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