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Kimmo Karjunen (born Oct 1967) is a Lighting, Set, Video and Sound Designer, Master of Arts and the senior lecturer in lighting design. Kimmo is known as a distinctive design artist in contemporary dance and opera scene. The starting point in his designs is in the space and the content. 

He has designed more than 40 contemporary dance pieces. He graduated as the Master of Arts from the Theatre Academy of Finland in 1991.

Kimmo is a valued lecturer of lighting design in the Theatre Academy since 1995. He holds the position of Senior Lecturer of lighting design for 15 years in the Dept. of Lighting and Sound Design (VÄS) The
atre Academy Finland and voted best by his students in 2003.


I'm interested in creating organic, life-like phenomena with as simple mechanical solutions as possible. To create something natural looking with unnatural means. Complexity from simplicity.


He is also a visiting lecturer in the University of Art and Desing, Helsinki University of Technology, Tampere University of Technology, Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemia Lavakunstikool and Helsinki Polytechnical School.

Some of his works in dance and

  • Transient Horizon, Göteborg Opera, choreography Susanna Leinonen, 2011, lighting design

  • Un Ballo in Maschera, National Opera of Finland, 2010, lighting design 

  • Days of Disco, contemporary dance, Jyrki Karttunen, Karttunen Kollektiv 2009, set, lighting and video design 

  • Paholaisen Palkka-ampuja, National Opera of Finland 2008, video design

  • Kaiku, nuoli ja ketju, contemporary dance, Ikuyo Kuroda, Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri 2008, lighting design 

  • Situation room, contemporary dance, Karttunen kollektiv 2008, lighting and set design 

  • Maestro, a play about architect Alvar Aalto. Jyväskylä City Theatre 2005


November 2009 marks both historic and honourable date as he was the first in his trade to received the State of Finland Award for the Arts. He is described as an “unconditional artist with a sense of style and as a pioneer in seeking the new” and “as a thorough and inspiring teacher who is always on the edge of the progress”.





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Kimmo's Wikipedia page (in Finnish)  

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