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This big ole’, big-boned, baby-faced, teddybear wants to know how deep in his grab bag you want to go and how heavy you want it. Known around the world, expect memories to be made with strong percussive lines to guide you, basslines to groove you, and vocals to tease you. 

His residencies include Madrid (HOT Group), Seattle (The Cuff), London (XXL) and San Francisco (MAUL, SWEAT) with many recurring invitations and special events in many more cities including Mexico City (Pride), Guadalajara (Club Babel), Rome (SubWoofer), Bologna (Feed The Bears), Lisbon (WoofLX, Construction), Copenhagen, Las Vegas, Portland, Vancouver BC, Berlin Pride, Mexico City Pride... .and even Tallinn, Estonia.


Oh yes, Martin is like a godfather to Tallinn Bearty. He joined us with his blessings in our inaugural year 2015, and the year after 2016. Now, he is back!

Martin throws big, main-floor beats but his sound always has something fun, familiar, and with a funky groove or hook to get you going. Rooted in house and deep house and acid house and even break, he pulls from many influences during the progression of the night reflecting his travels and life living in Portugal and playing in the south of Europe often — but still retaining his light, American flair! 





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