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DJ Perfecto is a resident DJ of Tallinn Bearty.

Perfecto presents his weekly mix on Hungarian radio station RadioPink! and has a show every week on the US airwaves on Sobel Nation Radio and Dance World Radio.

"I started DJing in 2010 and I'm the resident DJ at Why Not Café, Action Bar and Magnum Sauna in Budapest. I make regular guest appearances in international bear events like Le Baroque Night (Belgium), Belgrade Bears Party (Serbia), Mr Bear Cz (Czech Rep.), Moscow Bears Party (Russia), Hot Fuzz party (UK), Tallinn Bearty (Estonia), MegaBear Party (Norway), BeefMince Party (UK), Vedmednyk Eurovision Party (Ukraine), Stockholm Pride (Sweden), Bears On Ice (Iceland), Cruise4Bears party (Sitges, Spain), Teplaren Party (Slovakia) and 2 x MadBear (Spain).

I have been working in a record store for 21 years. These years have given me the up-to-date knowledge and a wide exposure to very diverse and quality music. In particular, 80s synth-pop and current dance music are my biggest influences."






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