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Was 2016 a good year?

There's been lots happening this past year. Some of the most remarkable icons of pop culture have left to better pastures. Humanity seems to have gone raging mad. Much uncertainty, right? Well, let's look at it one more time. Taking a deep breath and reflecting what went well.

For us at Tallinn Bearty it was certainly a proof-worthy year that our idea of focusing our efforts on #bearculture is well chosen. Success of LOVED gallery project, honorable world premiere of Luke Darko's La Masquerade and most remarkably very kindly praised talks about beardom and culture (next year you will find this event as Talking Bears). Add to that lots of new friendships, cross-border contacts that have strengthened ties within bear community from east to west, and we are proud to say we are happy for the developments we have witnessed.

Let's look at the year also on broader perspecitve - here's a very good good article, list of 99 things that went totally unnoticed to most of the world but have actually much impact both today and tomorrow.

Cheers, bears!

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