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I'm still a PopKid

Perfecto (aka Ferenc to the ones who know him personally), BeefMince (London) guest DJ, will take you to one wacky ride on his B-Express. He grew up in the 80's so his biggest influence was synth pop music and yes, he is still a PopKid.


When I started DJing in the early 2010's all the DJs everywhere played pop remixes or house. Nowadays it's changed, take Europe as an example: southern region is more into tribal, German areas are more into techno, Britain is for tech house, Eastern part of Europe are mad about deep house. In the middle, in my homeland [Hungary] pop still rules. So, you must be quite a wizard if you want to serve the guys well.

Have a listen to Perfecto's promo podcast, especiaaal, anticipating TB B-Express!

I grew up in the 80's so my biggest influence was the synth pop music and yes, I'm still a PopKid. I always use remixes from that era.

I'm much excited and looking forward to my Tallinn gig, will be great to meet old friends and find some new and being in this lineup is amazing. You can expect by me almost all kind of electronic music, I'd like to represent my taste with a bunch of spice from the past.


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