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(Virtual) Artist of TB23 Music - Drop Out (DE)

Drop Out aka Holger from Hamburg (DE) - a DJ, a vinyl collector, and a walking encyclopedia of soul and funk.

We took some time to talk to him, so you can get to know him better, while listening to his wonderful mixtapes (check his page with us and music he shares on Mixcloud)

TB: when did you start collecting your music, what was the reason?

DO: It was in 1970, when my auntie bought me my very first records.

TB: what were those?

DO: Tears Of A Clown by Smokey Robinson and Band Of Gold by Freda Payne. I still have those records, and soul is also still my favorite genre in music.

TB: do you have musical background, education, too?

HO: I can sing, and I know electronics (smiling). But in general I am self-made in music

TB: have you played in a band?

DO: yes, I was in a punk band for a year - that was rubbish. Listen to our version of Riders In The Storm

TB: still, an important experience, I am sure DO: It was. My voice was down. I still like punk classics. And 80s underground. Our comment - this (link opens Hearthis track page) is definitely not rubbish, But you will be the judge.

TB: how many records do you have currently? DO: oh, I think it has to be more than 30 000 by now

TB: when did you start DJing and how has that impacted you?

DO: very late, in the 1990-s. Electronic music had a very big influence on me. It was easier to play two vinyls than two cassette tapes

TB: indeed - cassettes are notoriously hard to mix

DO: 2 Ghettoblasters for a party, really hard, but it works.


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