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Hip Hip Hooray - we are so happy to present you finally with the artists, events and news of the next festival of #bearculture - the TALLINN BEARTY!


Just for easy reference lets outline some of the main things that are different from previous years:

  • 4 days instead of 3: yeap, we kick off already Thursday evening

  • 3 new venues, plus one pending: still, everything right in the walking distance of downtown Tallinn

  • easier ticket sales: worldwide, simple as 1-2-3

  • more guest artists than we had in previous festivals!

...and now - GO!

Good, and now some music.


Tallinn Bearty (TB) has set its course on bringing fresh breeze every time we organize or promote something. Every year sees us put focus on one top arts category: visual arts, music or cinematography. Our aim is to power bear brotherhood in a way that will advance equal rights for everyone, in or out of our own community.

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